Panch Kedar


After the war of Kurukshetra, the Pandvas set out on a yatra to Varanasi in order to be blessed by Lord Shiva and be absolved from the sin of killing their own brothers-the kauravas. Lord Shiva, unwilling to give darshan to the Pandvas, fled from Kashi to Uttrakhand and lived in Guptakashi.

On being detected by the Pandvas, Shiva went ot Kedarnath, but the Pandavas followed him. He assumed the form of a bull and started grazing amongst the cattle, but even then could not escape detection by the Pandavas, At dust, when it was time for the cattle to return home, Bhim (of gigantic stature, great courage and strength) stretched his legs across the mountains (standing on either side of the Kedamath Valley) in order to identify Shiva. All the cattle passed under his legs except Shiva, whom Bhim noticed.

As Bhim bent down to catch hold of him, Shiva sank into the earth and only his back portion (the hump) was taken in Bhim's hand. Shiva being pleased with the determination of the Pandavas, exonerated them from their sin, gave them darshan and requested them to worship his hump. It is from that date the hump of Shiva worshipped in the Temple of Sri Kedarnath-in the conical Shiva pinda form.
At Kedar is the hinder part of the Buffallo (Shiva changed himself into the form of a buffallo, when Bhim chased him.)


At Madhyamaheshvra is the Nabhi or the middle part of the Buffalo-Shiva. This place is 21 K.M. from Ukhimath (via Kalimatha).

At Tungnath is the Bahu or hand of the Buffalo-Shiva. It is just on the way to Badrinath and 37 K.M. from Ukhimatha.

At Rudranath is the Mukh (the mouth) of the Buffalo-Shiva. It is about 19 KM. from Mandalchatti.

At Kalpeshwar is the Jata (the hair) of the head of the Buffalo-Shiva. This place is just opposite to Helangchatti at about 8.7 K.M. from Helang, on other side of Alaknada.











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